An area with weeds looks very untidy and can be difficult to manage.  Grassmaster NI has the solutions that can help ease the burden of weeds with many different methods for weed control.

We are available to treat weeds with chemicals to kill and control many different species of weeds.  This is a very cost effective way of controlling weeds and with as little as three visits per year we can guarantee a great reduction and improvement within any landscaped garden, commercial or industrial premises.   Chemical treatments can provide total weed control for hard and soft surfaces as well as selective weed control such as the broadleaf weed in lawn and grassland.

Grassmaster NI is fully qualified, insured and adheres to COSHH.  A detailed risk assessment of the area is carried out before each treatment and the operator holds spraying certificates and wears the appropriate personal protection equipment. Chemicals can be applied with a small knapsack sprayer for smaller areas or by a tractor mounted sprayer for larger areas.

Grassmaster NI is available to provide weed control to both private and commercial customer's needs throughout Northern Ireland.